Meet Allie of Bliss'd

Meet Allie of Bliss'd

Meet Allie, mom of 2 & Founder of Bliss’d. She started her business to help fellow moms live more connected, joyful and fulfilling lives through journaling and self-care.

Check out her site here. 

Bliss'd Journals

Tell us about your business & how you got started?

I've always wanted to have my own business (in my early 20’s, I remember thinking, “I’m never going to have a 9 – 5” … haha joke was on me with that one!) I started Bliss’d in 2018 while working a full-time job – when I started it, it was a bath salt company because I loved self-care and wellness. It was very much a side hustle.

While self-care has always been at the root of Bliss’d, it wasn’t until I got pregnant and had my son in 2019 that I discovered my true WHY for Bliss’d – through my challenging postpartum experience, I discovered a love for something new (journaling) and recognized a gap in the market (easy-to-use, flexible journals)!

I’ve launched two journals so far – Time to Reflect is a 5-minute one for individual use (it’s a happy medium between a guided journal and a blank notebook) and We’re So Grateful is a journal for families to use together (with options to write and draw on every page). I believe the key things that set my journals apart from others are their ease and flexibility – they are meant to fit into YOUR full life.

I decided to go all in on Bliss’d nearly a year ago and while it certainly hasn’t been easy – I’ve never been more excited about my career path.


Did you have an aha moment in creating your business?

Definitely! My business has gone through a couple iterations (see above) before feeling the "aha" moment I'm in now, where I truly feel aligned with my purpose and mission. I think pivoting is a natural part of business (and life), it's how you learn and grow. 


What is your favorite part of owning your own business?

I really love being able to run with an idea I have and see where it leads - the freedom in that sense is awesome. I love building the business from the ground up too - it's not easy, but it is fun and I'm learning a ton and meeting so many cool people along the way!


How do you balance your business & motherhood? Do you believe there is such thing as balance in motherhood?

I am a Libra so I really like balance (Libras are generally all about balance) and do try to strive for it as much as possible - but I recognize that there are times it's not always possible. Sometimes my business takes more energy and time, and other times - motherhood. I try to look at overall balance on a week to week basis, rather than day to day (I learned this from another entrepreneur!) and that's helped shift my perspective. 

I integrate self-care into my (and my kids) routine - journaling most nights before bed, walks - solo during the week and on the weekends, with my kids, using our family gratitude journal for mindfulness and connection, doing affirmations with my kids (if you don't do this, I highly recommend it because there is nothing sweeter than hearing your kid say "I'm smart"), taking advantage of any solo time as time for mindfulness or self-care - i.e. listening to a podcast while putting away the laundry, doing affirmations while brushing my teeth, listening to a meditation while walking. 


What is your favorite part about being a mom?

I love seeing the world through their eyes - kids are SO smart and imaginative and it's so amazing to watch them grow and connect. 


What does the term "push present" mean to you & did you get a push present?

That's a good question! I didn't get a push present per say (now I wish I did) but I do have birthstone jewelry representative of my two children - and I love the mama necklaces on your site so I think I will get a push present now - never too late, right?! A push present to me represents a symbolic gift for each of your children, to wear close to your heart. 


If price was no object what would your dream push present be?

Ohh fun! Probably a gold initial necklace in diamonds for each of my kids.

Pavé Initial Necklace 

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