Meet Juliana & Martina: The Duo Behind MESH moms

Meet Juliana & Martina: The Duo Behind MESH moms

Meet Juliana & Martina, the duo behind mothers club, MESH moms

Tell us about MESH moms, how you got started & why....

MESH moms, like so many innovative ideas, is a product of the pandemic... we got started because Martina's family relocated to California mid 2020, and there she discovered the concept of a mothers club: an organized group of moms with similar age kids who connect in person and online for mutual support, an exchange of ideas and resources, and most importantly, to have fun! Having raised three children in Atlanta where no such group existed, she realized how meaningful it was to have connections with other local moms when she had her fourth child in San Francisco. She recognized what a gift this sort of organized community would be for the Atlanta area, so she started talking about the possibility of creating one with her good friend and fellow mom Juliana... and we're the sort of passionate, driven people that once we land on a good idea, we're going to see it through. We now have a total of seven children between us, so we intimately understand the sometimes isolating nature of motherhood, and it really matters to us to solve that problem.

We launched MESH moms in the summer of 2023 and it's quickly become a thriving and vibrant organization. We're so happy to be empowering women throughout the journey of pregnancy and the early childhood years. Our mission is to establish a secure and inclusive space where mothers can come together to share experiences, seek guidance, and form meaningful connections. It's especially important to us that MESH moms embraces diversity and welcomes mothers from all backgrounds and parenting styles, so we can create an inclusive and supportive environment for every mom to thrive.

Did you know what a push present was when you became a mom & did you get one?

Strangely enough, given the fact that we have a combined total of seven children, the idea of a push present was a mystery to both of us until recently! Believe it or not, not a single bauble accompanied the birth of any of our children. It seems like we missed out on a fun trend. Maybe we should have some more kids... Kidding! 

If price were no object, what would be your dream push present?

Martina: I'd be thrilled to have the latest smartphone, especially for capturing and documenting those special moments with a new baby. Up until now, I've always made do with my husband's hand-me-down old phones. So, the idea of getting a shiny new device feels like stepping into a world of upgraded possibilities, both in technology and in creating lasting memories.

Juliana: An incredible push present would be a piece of fine jewelry, perhaps a necklace or a bracelet customized with the child's initials or birthstone. Such a personalized and meaningful piece would be a perfect symbol to commemorate the joyous occasion of welcoming a new life into the world.


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