Meet Kate Of Spil Kids

Meet Kate Of Spil Kids

Meet Kate of Spil Kids. Spil Kids sources special apparel, toys and gifts that stand the test of time. Connecting with makers locally and globally, focusing on quality over quantity. They instill an appreciation for nature in children as well as love and respect for friends from all corners of the world through education and exposure to other cultures.

Tell us about your business & why you started it?

Spil Kids was just launched in summer 2023 after years of dreaming. We launched with our personalized mini tote bag, a mini tote customized with the name and symbol of your choice on a vintage chain stitch machine. The bag was inspired by my own kids who always had their arms filled with small toys that they wanted to bring along on even the shortest car ride. They'd drop toys left and right as we got into the car so I grabbed a bag for them each to tote their toys along with us. I soon realized that there was a cuter way to transport them and decided to embrace the personalization as it made them feel special and it also created an heirloom piece. The bags have been well received and we've started to add in some other gift and toy items, still testing to see which best fit our assortment. We strive to source unique gift items worldwide that are ethically made and show an appreciation for nature. We are also passionate about learning about and sharing other cultures. 

Kate Spil kids

What is your favorite part about what you do?

It's hard to pick one favorite! Having just started this business last year and working full time in a completely unrelated field, the past six months have been full of learning curves. In addition to sourcing the unique products worldwide I love all that comes with that - building relationships, marketing and content creation, and so on. I've been amazed at the supportive community that can be found among other business owners and on social media. I'm also grateful to have invested in a business coach who has helped me with the tactical business ownership learnings but more-so has challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone in the nicest way possible. 

Spil Kids Bags

Photos by @heykatieevans

Tell us a little about mom life, how many kids do you have & what are your favorite things to do with them!

I am the proud mom to two boys, ages five and three. They love anything with wheels so we are always playing with cars, trucks and blocks or Legos and building little pretend worlds with restaurants, stores, etc. We love outdoor play and anything active and the latest favorites are good old hide and seek, building obstacle courses and freeze tag or races. When we're not at home we love visiting local museums. Our current favorite is Fernbank Museum - there are so many great play options there both inside and outside so if you are local to Atlanta we highly recommend it!

Did you get a push present/if yes what was it?

I did not! I had some lovely babymoons but I just don't think my husband got the memo on push presents and I didn't know enough at the time to drop a hint :) 

If price was no object what is your dream push present?

Necklaces are my jewelry of choice and I love personalization. A necklace with each baby's birthstone or initial / name would all be great options!

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