Meet Magda Lasota of MLM Brand

Meet Magda Lasota of MLM Brand

Magda Lasota is a mom of 2, and the founder of MLM Brand, a collection of elevated, timeless maternity pieces. MLM Brand's mission is to create fewer, better maternity wardrobe so you can feel good and focus on what truly matters in those early months, years of motherhood. MLM’s elevated high quality basics are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly fit into your pre-pregnancy style and to achieve stylish, comfortable, motherhood-friendly outfits — in the office and at the playground.



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We had a little chat with Magda about her take on push presents:

What does the term "push present" mean to you?

Push presents are definitely a *thing* in Poland (where I'm from) and I love to see that the concept is gaining more traction on this side of the Atlantic, too. I think the monumental act of pushing out a baby and the way our life as parents changes after birth, deserves to be celebrated! Yes, the baby is the ultimate gift, but I personally love the idea behind celebrating the person who grew, nurtured and “pushed” the baby out. Push present to me means a celebration of a new — beautiful and challenging — chapter in a women’s life, and why wouldn’t we honor that? 

 Did you get a push present? 

I didn’t receive a push present from my husband, but my sister who lives in Poland received a beautiful jewelry keepsake after giving birth to both of her kids. But, hey, it's not too late to celebrate myself and my “labor” day, ha!

If price was no object what is your dream push present?

I think I would pick a beautifully designed necklace with my babies’ initials. I don’t have a favorite jewelry designer, but I love the inspiration I found on MRS. PUSH’s website and would absolutely pick a gift from there, knowing I’m not only getting a thoughtfully curated gift, but also supporting a women-owned business at the same time. Name Necklace  and Baguette Stacker are on my current wish list. Pst… We’re not sure if we’re “done” having babies, but I’m absolutely getting a push present to celebrate myself and the birth of my children!


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