Ruby: July's Birthstone

Ruby: July's Birthstone

July babies are fortunate to have one of the most lustrous and highly esteemed gems as their birthstone. Rubies have a rich history and convey the qualities of passion, love, and protection. If you are born in July or want to gift your July-born loved ones a unique and meaningful present, ruby jewelry is an excellent choice.

The ruby is mined in various parts of the world, including Myanmar, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. This stunning gem is a type of corundum crystal, like sapphires. The rich red hue of a ruby comes from the presence of the element chromium in its crystal structure.

Rubies have been prized by royalty for centuries, believed to capture good fortune and ward off evil. Ancient cultures revered rubies and thought that they contained the vitality of life. Wearing a ruby was once thought to preserve health and bring good fortune to those who wore it.

Rubies have traditionally symbolized love, passion, courage, and protection. These fiery stones were believed to hold mystical powers that could influence the fate of the wearer.

The ruby is a timeless gemstone that is believed to hold special powers for those born in July and beyond. Push present or not, ruby jewelry is an excellent gift that conveys passion, love, and protection. Get a hint of ruby with our favorite hearts from Imperfect Grace linked below. Or reach out to create the perfect custom ruby piece that will last a lifetime.


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