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What is a Push Present?

As life’s milestones are celebrated, new trends and customs emerge to mark these significant moments. One such trend that has gained popularity in recent years is the concept of a “push present.” While the term might sound unfamiliar to some, it holds deep meaning for many new parents around the world.

The term “push present” refers to a gift that a partner gives to a new mother to commemorate the birth of their child, typically given shortly after the baby is born. The idea behind a push present is to honor the physical and emotional journey a woman goes through during pregnancy and childbirth. While the concept has gained traction in recent years, the tradition of giving gifts to mothers after giving birth has roots in various cultures and historical periods.
A push present is more than just a material gift; it carries a symbolic meaning that goes beyond its physical form. It symbolizes recognition, appreciation, and support for the incredible effort and sacrifice a woman makes during pregnancy and labor. This gesture acknowledges the challenges, both physical and emotional, that mothers face throughout the process of bringing a new life into the world.

A push present is a way for partners to show their admiration for this journey and the unwavering commitment that mothers demonstrate. It’s an opportunity to celebrate not only the arrival of a new baby but also the birth of a new mom. 


What to get for the first time mom?

Push Present 101: First-Time Mom

For a mom, who just had her first baby- I love a layering piece. One that you can add as you go as you have more kids. These gold Adore Hearts are perfection. You can choose your child’s birthstone to make it extra sentimental. 


Classic Mom

Push Presents 101: Stackable Initial Rings

For the mom who loves simple & classic, I love these stackable initial bands. They are no fuss and can be worn daily. Layer with or without a wedding band & it adds some extra sparkle to your stack. 


Fashion Mom

Push Presents 101: Fashion Mom

For the mom who loves to make a statement, this puffy letter charm with rainbow sapphires is both sentimental & fashion forward.


Sentimental Mom

Push Presents 101: Sentimental Mom

For moms who hold a special place for treasured moments, our child silhouette charms serve as a way to forever keep their little ones close always. 


Sporty Mom

Push Presents: Sporty Mom

For the mom who wants to represent her kids, but not have her jewelry get in the way of an on-the go lifestyle. These stackable birthstone bands are sentimental & practical.


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